Why Buy VMware vSphere when others give for FREE : VMware vs Hyper-V

Anything which is FREE or cost-effective is mostly attractive to all of us. Now for application users, what matters the most is the uptime for those Applications. Whether applications work on VMware or any other hypervisor, it doesn’t matter for the users using those applications. and this is where VMware excels in delivering the highest uptime for applications hosted with lowest cost per application is the basic need. So best product at pocket fitting price for you. Let’s understand this in a bit detail Why Buy VMware vSphere when others give for FREE: VMware vs hyper-V.


  1. Hypervisor is not a Commodity – Other Vendors consider hypervisor to be a commodity & so they use general purpose OS for virtualization. Hypervisor Architecture & Size does matter. VMware provides the thinnest hypervisor on the planet with less than 200 MB of footprint. It should not be a switch to enable or disable a hypervisor.
  2. It is beyond just tick in a Box – VMware and other vendors do have certain small set of features in common but NOT ALL (they miss the crucial ones) and SURPRISINGLY others started have names copied from VMware just to misguide customers that YES we too have it. But does those features actually work the way they are intended to work??? The answer is NO. Example VMware Distributed resource Scheduler (DRS) works much better than offered by anyone as it provide affinity and anti-affinity rules which others don’t provide. Simple comparison is available at http://www.vmware.com/in/advantages/robust/robust-foundation
  3. Widely Accepted & Deployed – If other hypervisors would have delivered what VMware delivers and that too for FREE, VMware wouldn’t have been adopted by more than 500,000 + customers worldwide. It wouldn’t have been the choice by so many customers including 100% of Fortune 500 etc. More than 94 percent of VMware vSphere customers use it in production environments. It clearly indicates as to what VMware delivers at some cost, the capabilities which NO other vendor could match. Details at http://www.vmware.com/advantages/customer/virtualization-customers
  4. MOST_IMPORTANTLY, Virtualizing Business Critical Apps(BCA) – Maximum customers have virtualized their BCA on VMware, be it SAP, Oracle, Exchange, SQL etc (5050 apps already supported by ISV https://solutionexchange.vmware.com/store/category_groups/supported-business-applications ) The simple reason been VMware provides complete peace of mind in case of both planned and unplanned downtime. To give an example, VMware SRM provides the best simple, cost effective and reliable DR solution, 5 clicks workloads hop from one DC to another and vice versa. Can it be more simpler than this??? (http://www.walkonblock.com/10-points-you-should-know-about-vmware-disaster-recovery-solution-srm/ )
  5. It’s all about $$$ – VMware provides the lowest or at par TCO compared to any other solutions with all those relevant features (www.vmware.com/files/include/microsite/sddc/principled_technologies_vmware_vs_microsoft_tco.pdf ).
    The VM density provided by VMware is just enormous. VMware has N number of customers who had been enjoying simply enormous consolidation ratio. One of the customer achieved 213:1 consolidation ratio (http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/customers/apac_in_11Q2_ss_vmw_Cybage_English.pdf?src=WWW_customers_apac_in_11Q2_ss_vmw_Cybage_English.pdf )Design TCO/ROI for yourself to showcase apple to apple comparison correctly. You should be able to answer your customers favorite question “ IS IT REALLY FREE”   

Please refer one older document at http://docs.media.bitpipe.com/io_10x/io_105900/item_564144/1.%20Why%20Choose%20VMware%20for%20Server%20Virtualization%20-%20Sep2012.pdf which clearly indicates how even older versions of vSphere can outperform any other hyper-visor.


Please buy the FREE hypervisor TODAY!!!     😉 😛

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