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VMworld is one of the biggest infrastructure conference that happens every year. You can gain the tools and knowledge you need to transform conventional remedies into seamless, agile solutions. This year VMworld 2015 focuses on real solutions, celebrating the latest innovations and showcasing some jaw-dropping new technologies. Lot of people submit papers for presenting at such a great event. VMware considers voting as one of the crucial step for selection criteria.

Thank you to all for voting for my paper last year at VMworld 2014 and making it through. I need your support this year as well, if you want me to hear out out or be a part of the industry’s biggest infrastructure event.

Abstracts are

4721 Unleash Nuts and Bolts of Socialcast: The Enterprise Collaboration

Are you still untouched of an Enterprise collaboration tool??? Today, Enterprise collaboration has become a key integral part for every organization to connect people for sharing knowledge, ideas and resources to work together more efficiently. VMware like always has the best, trusted enterprise social networking platform for social collaboration, ideation, and project management called Socialcast. This session will unleash everything about Socialcast. We will witness the architecture for Software As A Service (SaaS) and On-Premise (OP) models along with Socialcast Reach (integration to embed Socialcast into existing business systems). In this 1 hour of power packed session we will unwind all nuts and bolts including OP deployment methods, configurations, Troubleshooting and maintenance and integration with 3rd party solutions. We will also deep dive into areas addressing performance issues and optimization strategies to help you get the most out of your Socialcast community. Please join us for an hour filled of in-depth technical discussions on Socialcast to understand A to Z insight for building a highly available, scalable, efficient & productive Socialcast community for your organization and help employees go more productive.

4606 Accelerate your Business and Deliver Better Business Outcomes by maximizing employees productivity using VMware Mirage

Can an organization successfully grow its business ignoring employees productivity???We all know the answer is “NO, NO & NO” How do one ensures to add the “WOW” factor for workforce productivity. Physical Endpoints (Laptops and Desktops) is one such example which business provides to employees to deliver required work and achieve business outcomes. Organizations struggle to deliver device independent end user experience which is essentially a key requirement for employees maximum productivity. Organizations also find it difficult to justify technology investments and its corresponding efficiency gains. Since business is highly dependent of its employees capability to be productive, even a few hours downtime or non-availability of Endpoints due to hardware migration, software & Operating System upgrades or patching etc causes business to suffer. In this session you will understand how business gets impacted due to such concerns around endpoint non-availability. We will see how VMware Mirage can mitigate those concerns and help to employees to deliver better business outcomes for accelerating the business. Lastly, participants will be able to understand the relationship between organizations investments and its corresponding efficiency gains, or Return on Investment (ROI) while adopting VMware Mirage.

6079 Save Costs on VCloud Air Through Architecture and Design

vCloud Air offers scalability, fault-tolerance, elasticity and security. But the weakest link can be the application hosted on vCloud Air with poor architecture and design which cannot leverage the power of Cloud. It is important for organizations to understand the levers which influence costs and also understands the monitoring frameworks and tools which will allow them to control the costs. This session helps in bringing the practical experiences demonstrating how a careful architecture patterns and design concepts can help in building solution to manage costs effectively by utilitizing the full power of vCloud Air.

The procedure for voting remains same as below

Step 1: –Login to http://www.vmworld.com/voting.jspa

Step 2: – You need to login using VMworld existing account (if you have any) or Create a new account using official ID (it will take only 2 minutes)

Step 3: – Once you login you will see “Voting Catalog” voting screen. Click on Filter Options button & Type Keyword as Anil Gupta

Step 4: – You will see all above sessions. Click on  Thumb button  to vote. And it will turn into green  with a message “Thank you for Voting

You need to on each THUMB button to make it green and cast your vote.

Deadline to Vote : May 27 , 11:29 IST.

Thank you all for taking time out and voting for my sessions for VMworld.

Please dont forget to cast your votes for other interesting sessions using the steps above

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