VMworld 2014: Please vote for my 8 papers

Thank you to all for voting for my 6 papers for VMworld at http://www.walkonblock.com/vmworld-2014-paper-voting-open-please-vote-6-papers/ . If you had not done so, this is your last chance to do so J . 2 more papers had been made available from VMware for voting as per abstract given below. Please cast your important vote for my papers to get selected at VMworld 2014 and helping me to present at one the world’s greatest events VMworld 2014.

Last 4 days to go.

Abstracts are

1438 Why Customers Choose vSphere When Others Give it for FREE

Do we really need another session to convince why VMware is better than others? Probably NO…but what if you get to know that others fail to deliver even the basic functionality expected from a hypervisor. Then it may sound interesting to know…ISN’T it??? Hypervisor is not just expected to create Virtual machines but much more beyond it. In this session we will understand the key differences between some of options available from Microsoft, Oracle etc and their non-traditional comparison with vSphere. The whole idea about the session is to go technically deep dive in a non traditional way & not just tick in a box comparison as there are plenty available everywhere. See it and believe it ..

 1749 The Oracle VM Matrix Reloaded

In the pack of cards VMware vSphere already had been the leading card against the rest. The others had been trying their best to demonstrate that hypervisor is a commodity and anything can be used as a hypervisor, but is that really the case? Oracle has been one such player who believes that Oracle VM is far better in many terms than vSphere as showed on their website. This session is not about talking a simple tick in a box comparison with Oracle VM. Hypervisor is way beyond creating virtual machines In this one hour session partners will understand the not-so-common key differences between oracle VM and vSphere their non-traditional comparison with vSphere. This is not a Zion vs. Neo war of hypervisors. This is all about decoding the matrix by going deep dive and understands where oracle VM really fails to deliver even basic functionalities expected by a hypervisor

The procedure for voting remains same as below

Step 1: -Login to http://www.vmworld.com/voting.jspa & click on “Vote on your favorite proposals today. button.

Step 2: – You need to login using VMworld existing account (if you have any) or Create a new account using official ID (it will take only 2 minutes)

Step 3: – Once you login you will see “Voting Catalog” voting screen. Click on Filter Options button & Type Keyword as Anil Gupta

Step 4: – You will see all above sessions. Click on  Thumb button  to vote. And it will turn into green  with a message “Thank you for Voting

You need to click 6 times on the THUMB button to make it green and vote.

Deadline to Vote : May 19 , 11:29 IST.

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