10 points about Log Management using VMware vCenter Log Insight

VMware vCenter Log Insight (will term as log Insight) is a tool to play around with log data if you are looking for

Why another tool for Log Management

  • Loads of logs is generated by systems all day throughout the year.
  • Scanning through logs in case of troubleshooting or monitoring or during Root cause analysis (RCA) is time consuming & tedious hulk task.
  • Log analytics in an ongoing pain for many of us as logs contain important & valuable behavior and diagnostics information about dynamic environments
  • Log management, an untapped area is not widely explored by customers.

 VMware vCenter Log Insight

  1. Just like VMware’s vC Ops (Operations Management solution), which is analytic’s based solution for structured data, VMware introduced Log Insight which applies analytics based approach to logs & unstructured machine generated data.
  2. Collects and analyzes all types of machine-generated log data, e.g. application logs, network traces, configuration files, messages, performance data, system state dumps, and much more.
  3. Enables administrators, a single location to collect, store, and analyze logs at scale.
  4. Search and Query Box with predictive query keyword suggestions.
  5. Interactive Visualizations of Query Results.
  6. Adds structure to all types of unstructured log data, enabling administrators to troubleshoot quickly, without needing to know the data beforehand.
  7. Delivers real-time monitoring, search, and analytics, coupled with a dashboard for stored queries, reports, and alerts, enabling correlation of events across multiple tiers of a hybrid cloud environment.
  8. Highlighted fields increase visibility of tags and keywords
  9. Built-In vSphere Content Pack
  10. Automated correlation of performance and log data with the help of VMware vCenter Operations (vC Ops).


  • Licenses per OS instance
  • An OS instance is defined as any physical server, virtual machine, virtualized host (running ESXi, Hyper-V, KVM, etc.), network device (such as firewalls or routers), storage device, or any other system that can be identified through an IP address that generates log data

 VMware vCenter Log insight

More details available at http://www.vmware.com/in/products/vcenter-log-insight/

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