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Part 1: VMware vSphere vs. Oracle VM: Hypervisor War game: Decide where to put your Oracle DB

Players in the game are latest vSphere 5.5 and VM Server 3.2….popularly called as VMware vs Oracle. These points will help you understand to host Oracle DB’s or any other business critical applications on which hypervisor.  All the below points are very much available on the respective vendors documentation. Below points will make it clear […]

What’s new with vSphere 5.5

1.  vCenter Single Sign-On – New SSO has a multi-master architecture, supports Active Directory multi-domain environments, and no longer requires an external relational database.  2 Scalability – Configurations two times over the previous limits for physical CPUs, memory and NUMA nodes. Virtual disk files can scale to 64TB. 3. vSphere Reliable Memory – Place critical […]

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