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Part 2: SAP on VMware: Why Virtualize

I believe, after reading Part 1, why choose x86 for SAP (http://wp.me/p4d8v7-2L) it would be clear that x86 is the way going forward for all your business critical applications. Now in Part 2, lets understand why virtualize SAP on VMware for your critical SAP environment. SAVE MONEY!!! Decrease SAP datacenter costs for space, energy, cooling, […]

Part 1: SAP on VMware : Why choose x86

Using SAP on VMware is no more a myth or risky but a reality. There are good number of customers who had not only virtualized their SAP test/Dev but also their production SAP on VMware’s reliable platform. To understand all the aspects better, let me break this post into various parts. This part 1 will […]

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