Hypervisor is not a commodity, VMware proves it again
vsphere beta

vsphere beta

VMware, 3rd most innovative company in the world extends its arms to invite its customers to define the direction of the world’s most complete, trusted, and robust virtualization platform. The idea is to improve IT’s efficiency, agility & flexibility etc to make business agile, efficient & flexible. VMware has announced that vSphere Beta program is open for you now. After this you will experience that hypervisor is not a commodity, which VMware proves it again. 🙂

This vSphere Beta Program leverages a private Beta community to download software and share information. We will provide private discussion forums, webinar discussions, service requests, etc. to enable you to share your feedback with VMware.

What you can do in this vSphere Beta program
1.  Download, install, and test vSphere Beta software in your environment the way you want. vSphere under real-world conditions and with real-world test cases will enable VMware to seamlessly align product with your business needs.
2.  Provide feedback in the first 4-6 weeks (Staring 30 June 2014) though there is no defined end date.

Why you should care
1.  First one to taste the products
2.  Interact with VMware experts from various teams
3.  Influence the future products roadmaps with your feedbacks
4.  Learn from others how they leverage VMware products and adopt their best practices

How to Join
1.  Click on vsphere beta at https://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/vsphere-beta
2.  Login using Mylearn account (create if you don’t have one)
3.  Accept the VMware Master Software Beta Test Agreement (MSBTA)
4.  Accept the vSphere Program Rules agreement

In case if you’re stuck somewhere, Email quickly to vspherebeta@vmware.com

Don’t miss out – VMware launch gets biggest on 2nd February. Almost all of VMware’s customers / partners will be attending this online event hosted by VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger & CTO, Ben Fathi, make sure you don’t miss out attending this.  Register using the link below

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