Disaster Recovery/Break Fix of your Laptops / Desktops is possible with VMware Horizon Mirage over LAN / WAN

What could be probably be an endpoint disaster?

  • Complete site goes off due to some natural calamity.
  • Site not available due to some planned unplanned hardware or software issues.
  • Individual Laptop/Desktop (referred as Endpoint) crash could also be a disaster for that user.
  • Virus infection on a Endpoint/s
  • And many more

I don’t have to mention how does Disaster impacts the productivity of the user and thus the Business

How VMware Horizon Mirage helps?

For some reason if a Endpoint crashes Mirage delivers below following ways for Disaster Recovery

 1.       File Portal

  • If a user shift deletes a file, he can simply open upon a web browser, point to Mirage server, Feed-in username and password and download his files which was there on his Endpoint.
  • This is independent of location and Endpoint

2.       Restoration to same hardware

  • In case of a virus infection or hard disk replacement, simply restore endpoint on the same hardware

3.       Restoration to a new hardware

  • If you are migrating to new hardware or same hardware is broken/lost etc, you can restore the image on it
  • It can also be restored as a Virtual Machine

 4.       Snapshot restore of an Endpoint 

  • If any corruption of system file or virus attack etc happens, restore an endpoint to a previous state
  • During new installation of any software, problem occurs on endpoint, use snapshot restore.

 5.       User profile restore

  • If there is a requirement of restoring only user files and settings on same/new hardware it can  be restored easily.
  • In profile restore, OS or applications will not be restored

6.       Restoration using boot USB

  • In case if endpoint fails to boot, use this option.

Why VMware Mirage?

  • Ease of management with a matter of few mouse clicks
  • End user experience remains intact independent of the hardware which is crucial for the business
  • All important and crucial files remains available all the time without depending on the hardware.
  • The downtime or the productivity loss of the user can be minimized to great extent
  • All the above features work very well even over WAN.



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