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Hypervisor is not a commodity, VMware proves it again

VMware, 3rd most innovative company in the world extends its arms to invite its customers to define the direction of the world’s most complete, trusted, and robust virtualization platform. The idea is to improve IT’s efficiency, agility & flexibility etc to make business agile, efficient & flexible. VMware has announced that vSphere Beta program is […]

Why Buy VMware vSphere when others give for FREE : VMware vs Hyper-V

Anything which is FREE or cost-effective is mostly attractive to all of us. Now for application users, what matters the most is the uptime for those Applications. Whether applications work on VMware or any other hypervisor, it doesn’t matter for the users using those applications. and this is where VMware excels in delivering the highest […]

VMware vSphere Replication

Do we all know that VMware vsphere replication now comes FREELY bundled with all eligible vsphere licenses. Let us give you a small background about what vsphere replication do. truly hypervisor level replication engine by VMware. Copies a virtual machine to another location, within or between clusters, and makes that copy available for restoration through […]

What is VMware VCM: vCenter Configuration Manager

What is VMware VCM (vCenter Configuration Manager) ? Most of us would know and would have read about it. Lets see in a nutshell what it can do There are N number of solutions available in the market for Configuration and Compliance Management for virtual platforms or for physical platforms. Most of them do few […]

$3,495 worth of free Training with VMware vSphere with Operations Management promotion

You will get free self paced training from VMware , when you opt for VMware vSphere with Operations Management promotion VMware has given a new dimension to the hypervisor world by introducing Operations management.  With VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vC Ops) (VCOPS), you can do capacity planning and health monitoring. Take advantage of this […]

Part 1: SAP on VMware : Why choose x86

Using SAP on VMware is no more a myth or risky but a reality. There are good number of customers who had not only virtualized their SAP test/Dev but also their production SAP on VMware’s reliable platform. To understand all the aspects better, let me break this post into various parts. This part 1 will […]

What’s new with VMware vCenter Log Insight 1.5

In my earlier post we saw about some details about VMware vCenter Log Insight. This got much better in the minor release 1.5. Here are the details for VMware vCenter Log Insight 1.5 Active Directory (AD) can be used for authentication in addition to local accounts. Query performance have been significantly improved by optimizing […]

Final Part 3: VMware vSphere vs. Oracle VM: Hypervisor War game: Decide where to put your Oracle DB…

Happy new year to all and thank you for your patience. WELCOME to final round of the war VMware vs Oracle to understand where both stand as per TCO/ROI justification You would have read about Part 1 at which talks about feature comparison between vSphere & OVM & Part 2 at which gives clear […]

Part 2: VMware vSphere vs. Oracle VM: Hypervisor War game: Decide where to put your Oracle DB… continues

Thank you for the patience folks. Again Players in the game are VMware & Oracle. In Level 2, we will see how Oracle DB in particular is licensed on physical world , virtual and pointers around support & certification by oracle. Oracle Licensing: Either by CPU/core, or by User(may vary for customers depending on their […]

Part 1: VMware vSphere vs. Oracle VM: Hypervisor War game: Decide where to put your Oracle DB

Players in the game are latest vSphere 5.5 and VM Server 3.2….popularly called as VMware vs Oracle. These points will help you understand to host Oracle DB’s or any other business critical applications on which hypervisor.  All the below points are very much available on the respective vendors documentation. Below points will make it clear […]

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