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Is Hyper-V really FREE or just a Hype : Layman’s way

Hyper-V has always been seen as FREE stuff available for use, but is it really FREE, lets understand the same in this one minute video. Alternately you can visit it on youtube at This video was created using and can also be accessed at )

Why Buy VMware vSphere when others give for FREE : VMware vs Hyper-V

Anything which is FREE or cost-effective is mostly attractive to all of us. Now for application users, what matters the most is the uptime for those Applications. Whether applications work on VMware or any other hypervisor, it doesn’t matter for the users using those applications. and this is where VMware excels in delivering the highest […]

10 points about Log Management using VMware vCenter Log Insight

VMware vCenter Log Insight (will term as log Insight) is a tool to play around with log data if you are looking for Why another tool for Log Management Loads of logs is generated by systems all day throughout the year. Scanning through logs in case of troubleshooting or monitoring or during Root cause analysis […]

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